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We offer a wide range of royalty and related services:

Royalty Audits

Full examination of record/publishing company source documents and system information.

  • Period of examination to be agreed/determined by statutory limits.
  • Scope of and budget for audit to be agreed, and all pertinent documentation to be supplied prior to commencement of audit.
  • Resulting audit report and supporting audit claim schedules to be approved by you and submitted either by you or by JER, with ensuing settlement negotiations to be conducted and concluded as agreed between you and us.
  • Legal assistance – should a lawyer be required for audit settlement purposes we will work with your lawyer or, if you don't have a lawyer in place, recommend a suitably experienced lawyer to deal with this on your behalf.

If we have already carried out a desktop review on your behalf, these workings and findings will be incorporated into the royalty audit.

A royalty audit may be carried out for many reasons but if you have any concerns whatsoever regarding the royalty reportings you receive you should address these concerns sooner rather than later. If you are unrecouped, you may still benefit from a limited review of royalty statements received so far.

Even more important is raising concern where you may not have actually received any royalty statements.

Desktop Reviews

Reviewing and checking of:

  • Arithmetical information
  • Song/record title inclusion/exclusion on royalty statements
  • Royalty rates
  • Recharges
  • Comparison of contractual provisions to actual inclusion on royalty statements (where such information is detailed)

A desktop review in itself may answer your concerns and questions or can be used in preparation for a full-scale royalty audit.

Customised royalty administration and support

An on-site or remote service for smaller record labels and music publishers.

Customised royalty accounting systems Set up by us, easy to maintain, resulting in simplified accounting and comprehensible royalty statements.

We can operate from your premises on a regular basis, or from ours, depending on your requirements and the information supplied by you.

As royalty consultant to you we will deal with your artists/writers/producers regarding their royalty and related queries, in order that you can concentrate on the rest of your business.

Internal royalty review Instructed by you, carried out by us, for the benefit of your artists/writers. We can check your song title registrations worldwide, analyse earnings and review the royalty statements you are issuing to your artists/writers.

We will compile detailed recommendations and include follow up. By retaining us to carry out this service on your behalf you are showing your artists/writers just how proactive you are.

Registration, administration and collection of neighbouring rights income

You or your artists may already be familiar with PPL, but what about GVL, SENA, SAMI or even AARC?

We have clients registered with these and many other neighbouring rights organisations, and are regularly accessing additional income sources.

In return for a small percentage of the income due to you as a performer, we ensure that all relevant registration documentation is submitted and in place on a timely basis, collect the remuneration, review all supporting documentation, and liaise with you and/or your representative in respect of overseas tax administration.

These organisations distribute at varying times throughout the year and so provide additional income to complement your regular royalty earnings.

Low cost ongoing monitoring of royalty income

  • Song title earnings analysis by type, i.e. sales, downloads, ringtones.
  • Review of song title earnings by date and territory.
  • Ensuring receipt of special/premium/synchronisation income.
  • Ensuring song title shares are correctly reported.
  • Confirming that contractual usage authorisations are in place.
  • Monitoring timely receipt of income/sales information.
  • Review of costs charged to your royalty account, obtaining relevant backup and ensuring compliance with contractual provisions.

Book publishing audits

A sale results in a royalty, and this applies to books as well as music.

Our experience in book publishing audits began at a time when royalty audit clauses were not as widely accepted, or even included in contracts, as they are today.

You are entitled to a reasonable royalty return on the sales and usage of your intellectual property and we are here to ensure that royalties accounted to you are correct and submitted on a timely and accurate basis.

As with music royalty audits, we will discuss your requirements with you, in order that we can offer you the best and most suitable royalty audit service.